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Written by Bonnie Sibila

Last week, Cameron had the opportunity to be part of the Inaugural Class of Carson Group University in Omaha, NE. Established by Scott Conroy and Bobby Steinau, this training is a week-long course for new advisors, associate advisors and advisors new to the Carson platform. Carson University enhances attendee’s knowledge of the Carson systems so they can provide prospects and clients with elite service and a deeper understanding of their portfolio.

For those who are not familiar with Cameron’s background, he is a newer team member at NaviGuide.  Currently, he is assisting in the operations in the office while training under Gali to become an advisor and attain his CFP. Cameron holds several licenses in the industry. These include his Series 7 (General Securities Representative License), Series 66 (Uniform Combined State Law Examination), as well as his Life and Health license.

I must say, last week was quiet and somewhat lonely without our pal, Cameron in the office. So, when he returned we wanted to hear all about his experience. Here’s what Cameron had to share….

Carson University was truly a great experience! There were a wide range of attendees. Both men and women and people of all ages. There were people who were brand new to the wealth management industry, people who had been in the industry for 30 years, and everything in between. Cameron made quite a few friends there. Some of whom were in his same shoes. This was fun to see – what starting out in the industry was like for them. Having older advisors in the room was very beneficial as well. The more seasoned advisors had incredible feedback and tips to give the “rookies.”

A couple of things that really resonated with Cameron from the training were:

  • How to engage a client/prospect during a meeting. It’s crucial to know which questions to ask.  Asking the proper questions facilitates the meeting and gives the advisor and client the best direction and plan to execute.
  • How to keep composure during a meeting when a client is trying to make decisions based on fear or emotions. This is important because we want to keep emotions out of financial decisions. It’s easy to get off course when making emotional decisions or choices out of fear. The advisor’s job is to maintain composure and assist the client in staying on course.

Cameron’s favorite part of the training was the incredible feedback he received from the other trainees in the room. Everyone had been in different situations and come from very different backgrounds so they all had great pointers to share based on their own experiences.

We are so glad Cameron had the opportunity to learn and grow from his week at Carson University. It’s exciting to see him advance towards his goals so that he can help others. We will continue to keep you posted on his progress and accomplishments.

Do you have a question or comment to leave Cameron?  Click here to send him a message.


Cameron & Paul West @ Carson University

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