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The 4 Pitfalls of No Plan

There are some things in life you just can’t plan for: an unexpected illness, job loss, death of spouse, disability…While these major events can impact your life, having an effective game plan can help ensure that it doesn’t ruin your financial well-being. Read more


Carson University

Written by Bonnie Sibila

Last week, Cameron had the opportunity to be part of the Inaugural Class of Carson Group University in Omaha, NE. Established by Scott Conroy and Bobby Steinau, this training is a week-long course for new advisors, associate advisors and advisors new to the Carson platform. Carson University enhances attendee’s knowledge of the Carson systems so they can provide prospects and clients with elite service and a deeper understanding of their portfolio. Read more


Improving The Traditionally Allocated Portfolio

Published by Tyler Schlumpf

We’re going to introduce a few mathematical concepts in this article that are crucial to building a portfolio. For those that are already moving their cursor up to the X in the right hand corner, just stick with it! These concepts, whether we choose to learn them or not, have a significant impact on the way we combine investments and are important to understand as we discuss portfolio construction. Read more


A Groovy Summer Night

Who says you cannot re-live the past?  We sure did at our Groovy Nights summer party a few weeks ago.  What a blast we had pulling out our old 60’s threads, getting down to The Fab Four and spending the evening with great company.

We were fortunate to have our whole team, our families and many of those we serve here at NaviGuide attend.  Guests started the evening with temporary tattoos, a fortune teller, open bar and The Habit food truck.  People made their rounds to the various activities while complimenting each other on their far out attire!  We saw it all – tie dye tee shirts, round Lennon sunglasses, peace signs, bell bottoms, flowers, feathers and legendary 60’s musician tees.

Read more


4 Simple Steps to Creating an Estate Plan

Published by Beth Schanou, JD

Most of the time, it feels like life is moving at the speed of light. I often feel my entire day, both at home and at the office, is spent in fast forward mode. As if it’s a race to get done as much as possible, I’m running from one thing to the next, all day long, and making sure every household member is fed, cared for, and attends school and their activities. Of course this includes the four-legged members of the family too. Read more

Diversified Investments Global Image


4 Easy Ways to Diversify Your Investments

Published By Jake Bleicher, Equity Analyst

The benefit diversified investments has for a portfolio is simple, in theory. It reduces the impact any individual investment has on the portfolio, and proper diversification can help mitigate losses during a market downturn. In practice however, portfolios can become a large hodgepodge of various assets rather than a methodical allocation. The key is to reduce the correlation between assets so that they generally perform independent of one another. Read more


5 Reasons It’s Important to Set Financial Goals

Published by Rob Furlong, Portfolio Manager

The alarm sounded promptly at 1a.m. Shortly after some rustling and grumbling the tent zippers opened and we stepped out into the frigid air. After a quick breakfast, we began heading uphill into the darkness. For the next eight hours life was little more than listening to the ice crunch with each step as we ascended over 5,000 feet into the thinning air. Shortly after 9a.m. we were at 14,200 feet-on top of one of the highest peaks in the Cascade mountain range. Read more


My Drive

“My drive to help people pursue financial freedom started at 6th grade”

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I help people each and every day.  For some people it’s about saving money, for others it’s about receiving income for the rest of their lives, leaving a legacy for their heirs, or something entirely unique to them.  Read more


How Emotional Decisions Can Ruin Your Investment Strategy

More money is left behind than lost during market declines. When an investor reacts emotionally to declines, they often pull money out of the market, derailing their investment strategy and leaving them much less exposed to equity markets. Often, these moves are made very near the bottom of the market and the investor leaves behind a substantial portion of return. Read more


When Can You Retire?

Not surprisingly, one of the most common goals financial planners help their clients with is analyzing cash flow in retirement so they can live their lives comfortably without worrying about outliving their money. Cash inflow in retirement can come from many sources (Social Security, retirement plans, savings, annuities, pensions) so it’s important to consider how much and when to expect cash inflows. Read more